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Okay, here's the dealio for Saturday.
Where: Deedee's Grandmother's cottage. BUT FIRST! We meet at Deedee's house so we can A.) Car pool and B.) Not have to get directions.
When: Let's go with the safe and sound 6 ish, to never.
Why: Well, New Years Eve, Silly Faced boy and girl with a top hat on.
How Come: Well, it's about the same as the pervious one, Silly Faced boy and girl with a top hat on.

Girls Girls Girls! Guess what, you may have the time of your lives this night, 'cause why?!?!?! You've been personally picked to stay the night at Deedee's House. Celebrate while you can still see. From this much excitment, you may go blind.

What to Bring: Sandwich meat. maybe some mustard.

Anything else I'm forgetting?

Why yes, I want you all to bring a smile on your face, and it has to be the exact smile in which I am thinking of and if it does not meet requirements, you fail and are not allowed to come. Sorry.
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