Brennan Mareen (brennan_mareen) wrote in familymatters,
Brennan Mareen

Name: Hi, my name is Brennan Card...dont wear it out.

Age: I am 16 in a half...yep, thats half way to 17.

Favorite black-and-white movie: Um, I really haven't seen a lot of black and white movies, but from what I have seen..."It's a wonderful life"

If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be and why: Ummm If I could fight any celebrity I would Hillary Duff. BECAUSE. she has no talent. what so ever! She can't sing, and she can't act,and I just dont think she deserves what she has.

Have you seen at least one independent film in theatres (better say yes): umm YES! of course. Duh!

Look around you. See any books? Grab the first one you see. State the name of the book, and turn to page twenty-seven (27) and find the first noun. That noun is the title of a haiku you will write, and the haiku will be about that noun. Write it here: Diablo strategy guide.


bones, bones, I love you
bones I hope you love me too.
bones bones, I love you.
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