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Name: Why I am only the greatest tessa james in the universe.

Age: I am only 16 years young and loving it!

Favorite black-and-white movie: Umm, my favorite black and white movie... i would have to say Roman Holiday. I saw it last year with Sarah and fell in love with it...

If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be and why: I am going to have to agree with the Michael Natter on this one... Johnny Depp. I really really dont enjoy him, and then, when we fight, i would ruin the only good thing his has (his teeth) and then everyone would hate him... or hate him more than they already do lol.

Have you seen at least one independent film in theatres (better say yes):Yes, yes i have.

Look around you. See any books? Grab the first one you see. State the name of the book, and turn to page twenty-seven (27) and find the first noun. That noun is the title of a haiku you will write, and the haiku will be about that noun. Write it here:
The book is Stephen King's "Pet Sematary"
word ='s campus


campus is a noun
it isnt an open place
whoop whoop do piddy do hoot

This, my friend, is the end of thy application.

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