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Name: My full name is Jacob Alan Jones
Age: I am fifteen (15) years old.
Favorite black-and-white movie: My favorite b+w white movie is without a doubt "Plan 9 From Outer Space"
If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be and why: If I could fight any celebrity, it would be John Heder, just because it seems like it would be so much fun. Either him or the singer of Dashboard Confessional.
Have you seen at least one independent film in theatres (better say yes): I've seen plenty.
Look around you. See any books? Grab the first one you see. State the name of the book, and turn to page twenty-seven (27) and find the first noun. That noun is the title of a haiku you will write, and the haiku will be about that noun. Write it here:
Speaker for the Dead, Orson Scott Card


home, sanctuary
pierce it anyway
tattoos look better

End of application
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(obviously. lol)
What the heck!?!?!?!
Dashboard is great...I resent that!!
Did I insult the band? No. I said I'd like to fight the singer.
but saying you want to fight someone is probably because you dislike them...
Why the heck would you want to fight such a....perfect guy?
your poem was too...poemish lol
Oh jeez, I'm sorry
umm not to be such a bother lol... but isnt a haiku 5 7 5 jacob! yes, yes it is, lol, so sorry about being a hard ass... but get with the program yo.
and you laughed at kelsie for doing the poem "wrong" mr. "l-jay family site king/controller" oh and tessa youve said those two words like alot...ive noticed
what two words.... the ones i called jacob?? lol, dont fret about it, itll stop come monday. and jacob still is the king controller lol, so you better watch your back, yo.
laughed? no.
Jesus on a pogo stick, Michael. If you're so concerned about this, I am just going to make it un moderated. FOR YOU. ALL FOR YOU.