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Charleston Chew

I guess i am doing this...because michael alan natter did...sooo i guess its manditory...but gah oh well

Name: Miss Kelsie Morgan Ersnberger

Age: I am age 4+3+5+3.....15!!!!

Favorite black-and-white movie: Ed Wood of freaking course

If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be and why: I would fight that dad guy "sandy" on the O.C., because he is freaking retarded and i hate him. I have already eaten his face...HAHAHA

Have you seen at least one independent film in theatres (better say yes): indeed

Look around you. See any books? Grab the first one you see. State the name of the book, and turn to page twenty-seven (27) and find the first noun. That noun is the title of a haiku you will write, and the haiku will be about that noun. Write it here:
The book is Rainbow Boys (gay man book)

Ma, Mom, Mother dear
All these words you always hear
yes that is my mom

That was probably the worst poem EVER...but hey, it was about a mother

End of appication

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