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I'm very interested in your suggestions

does anyone have any more ideas for the community's "interests"?? Thanks
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How do I make a message thing? I am so confused.
click on the info for the community. At the top, there is a small pencil in a box. click it.
80's pop, addiction, anatomy, bandanas, bandits, barbies, bargain shopping, bisexuals, biting, blood, books, boots, bowling, boys kissing, bums, burping, busses, cameras, camp solomon schechter, cheap jewlery, cheese, cheesy fries, cherry cloves, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, clavicles, coffee, comedy, cowboy bebop, crushes, dan, dancing, david bowie, destruction, downtown, drag queens, dragons, dying hair, elbow length gloves, energy drinks, equal shots, existentialism, eyes, fashion, fight club, fighting, fingernail polish, fire, fog, food, forensics, free shit, friday night, friends, friends only, frisbee, fucking, gaming, garter belts, george bush dieing, girl bands, glamour, going fast, guitar, high buildings, impermanence, invisible monsters, italian sodas, jesus, jew camp, jones soda, kissing, laughing, lies, lips, long underwear, love, lust, magnetic poetry, magpie, masochism, moshing, movies, moving icons, music, neck kisses, ninjas, pain, philosophy, photography, piercings, pizza, poetry, porn, quadratic formula, razor blades, reading, record players, religious fanatics, requiem for a dream, rocco's pizza, rooftops, screaming, self-destruction, sex, showers, shows, side bangs, skanking, skin, skittles, sleeping, sloppy firsts, small shirts, snakes, snazzy lighters, sneezing, snogging, spooning, stealing, stilettos, strangers, stripes, subtitles, suicide, super nintendo, swinging, tattoos, tenderness, the darkroom, the kob, the roxy, tigers, tight pants, typewriters, usy, uterus, value village, vegetarianism, video games, water, writing.
holy majeezes. are those all your interests? lol